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Quillin Research is an industry research and analysis firm focusing on current and evolving technology trends in our quarterly and forecast market reports. We provide actionable intelligence on technology trends, market drivers, and competitive landscapes. We also provide consulting and and custom research projects designed to take a deeper dive into technology segmentation, competitive analysis, and product positioning. We can help your organization compile the comprehensive market insights necessary to forecast, plan, and assess the opportunities that exist for current and future product offerings. 

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We currently produce 4 quarterly and 2 forecast Storage Networking market research reports annually. Our reports cover market and vendor level product and share data, and cover existing and emerging trends such as:

  1.  All flash array storage connectivity

  2.  Cloud versus enterprise storage 

  3.  Fibre Channel versus alternatives 

  4.  Speed migrations and refreshes 



If your organization requires market visibility that isn't covered in current report data, let Quillin Research do custom research and analysis to meet your needs. 


Custom research projects can be as simple as building upon existing report data or as complex as providing new product competitive analysis across multiple deployment locations and market verticals.

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In addition to market reports and custom research projects, we offer consulting services that include:

  1. Go to market strategy 

  2.  New product or new market analysis 

  3.  Competitive landscape analysis

  4.  Product positioning

  5.  Price elasticity analysis

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